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Security Is Our Number One Priority

When it comes to protecting government assets, nothing gets past the security guards of Security Blue®. Our company provides Professionally Trained, Armed and Unarmed Security Guards to safeguard all of your facility needs. We also provide background Security Clearance Checks.

Security Blue® holds the following NAICS Codes:

561612 | 561611 | 561110 | 541611 | 541618

Our Security Forces

As the security industry becomes more expansive, our company keeps abreast of modern security protocols and addresses various demands for protection. Our company has staff members that specialize in both armed and unarmed security guard as well as IT specialists who concentrate on Digital & Electronic Security.

Professional Training

With highly qualified and experienced leadership, our company has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on security techniques that we pass down to our employees. In addition, we make sure that all our security personnel have undergone a comprehensive background check and have developed expertise in several skills under rigorous training.

Conduct Physical Security Site Assessments

Our company strives to consistently conduct in-depth site assessments and work out the terms and conditions with clients as needed. Our service lasts long enough to safeguard Any Asset that needs Long-term Protection. In case of lost contracts with other government contractors, our company is always ready to take over unfulfilled agreements and offer more reliable services.

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