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                                      About Us

Security Blue® is a premier government contractor for the DMV and is physically located in National Harbor, Maryland, that solicits federal contracts for security and information technology accounts. Our company strives for consistently exceptional service. Our leadership maintains.

Our Vision

Our vision is a declaration of empowerment and expectancy where our organization will demonstrate Honesty, Professionalism & Excellence. We are an organization where we are visionaries who understand that our success depends upon teamwork and our dedicated employees whose daily focus is treating others with respect and integrity. Success is our commitment - achievable by everyone who walks through our doors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide great leadership and exemplary security and information technology services to all of our clientele and be at the forefront of our industries by hiring and training the most professional and qualified candidates. We promise to never stop reaching for higher progress. Security Blue® will always have a Family Focus with a Passion and Commitment to our employees. Together, we will safeguard our homeland and use our vision to inspire greatness.


The Background of Our Security Blue® Leadership Team

Our CEO has served over 22 Years in the United States Air Force Reserve and Georgia Air National Guard; 15 years as Security Forces and Combat Arms Training and Maintenance (Military Weapons Instructor); retired Sworn Master Police Officer in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area; & Police Detective in the Criminal Investigations Division; specialized experience as an Intelligence Detective in Homeland Security & Emergency Management Division.

In addition 5 Years as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, 10 Years in Corporate America, and 5 Years working in Federal Government.

Our security leadership holds a Masters in Homeland Security, “Magna Cum Laude”, a Graduate Certificate in Disaster and Emergency Management, a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, and an Associate in Business.

Our Security Team as a whole encompasses an impressive list of experience and accomplishments to include diverse law enforcement experience in high-level command & management positions as Assistant Police Chief over the Special Operations and Criminal Investigations Division developing and executing the divisions $9.6 million dollar budget; extensive partnership engagement at the local, state, and federal levels.


The Background of Our Security Blue® IT Security Leadership Team


Name: Djuan Wilson
Title: Director of Network Services

List Experience and career path 

Djuan has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

He began his career as a laboratory technician at AT&T, gaining hands-on experience with networking technologies and infrastructure. He progressed to a lead role at MCI WorldCom, overseeing IT and network operations. Djuan then served as a senior expert lead at Verizon and Johnson and Johnson, developing his skills in cyber security, database management, and project administration.

Djuan is an expert in cyber security services, protecting systems and networks from attack. He monitors for security breaches, conducts penetration testing, and develops comprehensive plans to prevent hacking attempts. As a skilled database administrator, Djuan develops and maintains database systems, backs up critical data, controls access, and ensures security. He is also an experienced project administrator, leading technology initiatives through planning, development, and delivery. Djuan manages security, privacy, risk, timelines, budgets, and stakeholder needs.

With extensive knowledge of network architecture, Djuan designs and implements secure, scalable communication networks including LANs, WANs, and intranets. He is a talented software engineer, building, testing, and supporting software applications with a focus on cyber security. Djuan also has experience in IT security monitoring, developing strategies to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches. He performs penetration testing to identify system weaknesses.

As an information security manager, Djuan creates and enforces policies and procedures around data and system security. He stays up-to-date with the latest compliance and regulatory requirements. Djuan's background also includes work in IT cryptography, designing encryption techniques, algorithms, and protocols to protect sensitive digital data. He has performed IT audits, checking systems and controls for vulnerabilities, risks, and required improvements to security. Djuan also has experience in IT security architecture, combining security needs with technologies and infrastructure.

With his 25+ years of experience and array of technical skills, Djuan Wilson is a highly accomplished telecommunications and IT security professional. His expertise in networking, cyber security, database management, and project leadership would make him an asset to any organization.


Name: Jamaal Grant
Title: Network Systems Manager

List Experience and career path 

Jamaal has over twelve years of experience in the technology consulting and services industry.

As a Systems Engineer and Implementation Specialist with the Pioneer Technology Group, Jamaal’s experience involved working with Microsoft SQL Server, where he was the Analyst of ETL processes and perform mapping and validation of customer data. As an Application Analysis, was a driven leader in implementing an enterprise-level court application for a 30-year-old system. Jamaal also conducted Business/Application Analytics; and aligned current practices and applying them to an updated application

As a Systems Analyst & QA Coordinator with Prince George’s County Circuit Court for 8 years, Jamaal was responsible for the Oracle Database: Data Manipulation and interoffice exceptions reporting for quality assurance, where he created, improved, and utilized SQL scripts and stored procedures (PL/SQL) to present customized reports for correction within a large enterprise Oracle database with over 3M+ rows records and over 8 major tables; created and adopted the Technology Quality Assurance Plan for consistent reporting on database errors; analyzed, improved, and maintained collection of over 50 reusable SQL stored procedures for immediate reporting results; and created over 30 custom reports for ad-hoc data request from high-level officials using efficient SQL techniques. As a leader in the organization for the Maryland MDEC initiative, a statewide migration to a judiciary case management system, he assisted vendors with data integrity review and technical process advisement to include: light Database Administration; and correcting server-side job connection/configuration issues with database instances.

As a Business/Systems Analyst, Jamaal was a Leader in solution development for 5 internal departments utilizing various technologies, as he Independently developed 3 internal, mid-sized Microsoft Access database environments with modern UX/UI design for quick end-user adoption, resulting in faster data-entry, tracking, and reporting. Jamaal designed and applied VBA coding to elevate user capabilities within proprietary Access environments. Jamaal was assigned to on-going projects to facilitate faster results; Accelerated web applications projects to production by reviewing and improving HTML/CSS code, C# code, and other Microsoft .Net Tools. Jamaal facilitated communications and accurately interpreted client requests for technical applications. Jamaal was a leader in recommending and adopting Zoom solutions into court business process with over 200+ virtual hearings completed during and proceeding COVID-19 disruptions, and lead application functionality meetings to mend business process and technical process for the IT division. Was the Sole liaison for the user use cases and regression testing, then monitoring of 3 internal applications. (2 Access Database / 1 Microsoft .Net Application)

As an IT specialist: Jamaal quickly assessed, corrected, and prevented various technological issues with courthouse constituents; Corrected an estimated 90% of computer hardware/software issues in under 10 minutes which resulted in minimal downtime for internal users; Secured back-end data for projects on internal server and initialized a procedure for daily back-ups. Performed Troubleshooting networking issues and assist in maintaining over 8 network closets consisting of about 4-layer 3 Cisco switches each. Testing cable issues. Configuring/Managing devices for 3 VLANs; performed Troubleshooting for DHCP, DNS and Wireless issues. Jamaal conducted Cable tracing, VLAN assigning, and documenting over 80 devices and jack locations; Computer hardware replacements; and Active Directory management for a 400+ user environment group; ad-hoc Group policy and modifications and issue elevation. Supporting VMWare Environment/VDI. Configure and Deploying Windows Images via SmartDeploy.

As an Independent Consultant, Jamaal Designs and implements an efficient tech-forward office environment including network topology, end-user workstation imaging, IP security system, IP VoIP systems, vendor communication, and other needs per client; reducing overall technology costs from competitive quotes utilizing asset acquiring techniques and knowledge; leading the tech advancement and application for various client projects.

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