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Concealed Weapons Detection System

  • Drastically reduces pat-downs and wanding
  • A portable unit can be set up in under 20 minutes.
  • Fits beautifully in a travel case (sold separately)
  • Easily movable
  • Weight with storage case is approximately 70 lbs.
  • Completely passive system
  • Safe for pregnant women, pacemakers, medical devices, etc.
  • No Radiation
  • Removal of silver, gold & platinum NOT required
  • Speedy throughput
  • No calibration required; operates on the earth’s magnetic field
  • Video capture and archive
  • Integration with biometrics, card readers, etc.
  • Little to no maintenance required.
  • The unit can be portable or built into a door frame.
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Detroit Public Schools

Sheriff's Office


Dekalb County

“We have been very happy with the performance of the three ViewScan units since their purchase and installation. We have received many positive comments from courthouse employees as well as from members of the public conducting business within the courthouse. Some are fascinated with the new technology and some are happy with the throughput speed. My personnel are finding the specific information presented on the laptop computer to be helpful in expediting the screening process. The ViewScan lends to the phrase, “Work smart, not hard.” I am confident that Sheriff Brown’s purchase of three ViewScans for the DeKalb County Courthouse has been a good investment in the security of the complex and its occupants. I look forward to future software upgrades as technology continues to evolve. Thank you again for your product and service.”

-Lt. Robert L Moore, Assistant Court Division Commander, DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office

Effingham County

“I am currently using the ViewScan system in the Effingham County Jail and in our Courthouse. I am incredibly pleased with its capabilities. Our deputies like the reliability and ease of use. I like the fact that the system takes a snapshot photograph of each person that walks through the portal and saves it in case we need to go back and look at it later. It is my pleasure to recommend the ViewScan Concealed Weapons Detector to any other law enforcement professionals looking to add to the security of their facilities.”

-Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie, Effingham County Sheriff’s Office


“The ViewScan provides our district with the most advanced security system on the market to date. As Chief of Police, I like the non-contact imaging capabilities that reduce the need for wanding and searches, while ignoring common items like coins, watches and jewelry. I also like the video archiving capabilities that your system has, as well as its portability. No other system on the market today can do what your system can do. I personally would recommend this system to any school district that wants a safer environment. As you know, a safer environment can lead to a better learning environment. Thank you for coordinating the Inglewood Unified School District’s purchase of this new technology.”

-Chief Kevin C. Scroggins, Director of Safety, Security & Emergency Planning, Inglewood Unified School District

Ohio County

“As Sheriff of Ohio County, Wheeling, West Virginia, and former Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I am well aware of the importance of security. After appropriate investigation, our County Commission purchased the ViewScan Weapons Detection System. The system provides a safe haven for our City/County Building, our Circuit Court and our Family Law Master Court. The system has proven to be a formidable weapon against those who would, for whatever reason, bring their own weapon into our public safety environment. In our first day of operation in July of 2002, our security staff confiscated over 90 knives at the entrance to our facility. The digital photographic capability also allows us to archive photographs of those who enter our access areas. I would conclude that I am extremely pleased with the capabilities of this technology.”

-Sheriff Thomas F. Burgoyne, Ohio County Sheriff’s Office

LA Port

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing the Port of Los Angeles to the ViewScan Concealed Weapons Detector. We are very impressed with the sensing technology that spatially identifies threat items coupled with the ability for the system to pinpoint its location upon a person. Thanks once again for helping us improve our system.”

-Noel K Cunningham, Director of Operations and Emergency Management, Martin A. Renteria, Administrative Captain, Los Angeles Port Police

LA probation

“The system’s capability of recording its findings allowing for the documentation of events is a security bonus. The user-friendly ease of monitoring the foot traffic entering our facility contributes to the heightened sense of security for our staff and clients. The staff operating the system report it is a welcome upgrade to our previous unit.”

-Francesca Jones, Chief, Management Services Bureau, County of Los Angeles Probation Department

Detroit public schools

“On behalf of CMA, thank you for the ViewScan System. This system has provided us with a new level of efficiency. It is my hope that all Detroit Public High Schools can use a ViewScan System.”

-Donya Odom, Principal, Communication & Media Arts High School

Detroit public schools

“The metal detectors at DSA are part of an ongoing safety and security plan to improve the safety of our students, including multi-agency partnerships, equipment upgrades, new cameras and metal detectors, more citizen patrol groups and a new police command center to ensure 21st century policing tactics. As part of that, overall implementation began in July 2011 for ViewScan Weapons Detection System, an updated state of the art metal detector, which allows officers to process entries faster and is less intrusive of the person when metal is detected.”

-Jennifer Mrozowski, Detroit Public Schools


“In 2007 we purchased the newest generation of the ViewScan III Concealed Weapons Detections System. Previously, we operated with the ViewScan II. As the Boulder County Justice Center, Court Security Supervisor, I have found that the SecureScan has been a great tool in our screening process.  The system provides our staff numerous advantages in our screening and assessment process over our previous older style walk through magnetometers.

ViewScans customer service has also been readily available to us when issues and questions have occurred. We have been pleased with their product and customer service.” 

-Eugene A. Martinez, Sergeant, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

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